Daylight w/Diana Sterling



From vocalist Diana Sterling...

        “I’m an LA based studio singer who happened to hear this song and thought it was a great opportunity to share this subject from a victim’s perspective.”


Wasn't right for him to take me
from the innocence I knew
Stripped me of my youth and all that I might be
to feed his need and lack of virtue

    Wake me from this dark memory,
    Daylight, don't make me wait
    I've been so long without the refuge of daylight

Drag me from this tainted gutter  
to a warm and safer place
Draw me from a life where everyone I meet
has his hands and face

    Deliver me from this dark night,     
    Daylight, don't make me wait
    I've been too long without the care of daylight
            And If I knew all I know now
            I would have disobeyed
            But he was more to me like family
        -never dreamed that I could have run run run run run away
    ...daylight, don't make me wait
    can’t be too long for me to be free
    daylight, don't make me wait

Still the keeper of the secret
and living in the shadow of its cold and shameful history

    Deliver me
    don't make me wait
    -can't be too long to feel the ease of daylight

    Deliver me    
    Gonna get through these nights
    Daylight, don't keep me waiting
    Deliver me
    so long without    
        -I'm ready for the day to break

            -and if I knew all I know....

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