No Attitude



Should everyone really be entitled to their opinion?   Even my old friend, Mr. Know-it-all?


Came out of nowhere and she touched your heart
and now, nothin's the same
tell me you felt the magic right from the start
and she is to blame

It doesn't matter, though
she's one you'll never know
the way you're hoping to

you couldn't be the one
to make her come undone
'cuz you have no clue         
'bout what to do                                          

Got no Attitude, Dude
Got no Attitude, Dude

You’re just another boy who’s standing in line
with no qualifications
you’re not the kind who might be changing her mind
-so forget your expectations.

must be a better way
of wastin’ every day
than dreaming of one
who wouldn’t want you

you think you've got a shot at
somebody crazy hot
the way you are, though
will never do

Got no Attitude, Dude
Got no Attitude, Dude


So even though you may have caught her glance
it don’t mean your invited       
Without a game, you never will stand a chance         
-so don’t you get too excited.

Until she settles down
don't need your kind around
she’d rather have a bad boy

Got no Attitude, Dude
Got no Attitude, Dude
Got no Attitude, Dude
Got no Attitude, Dude

Got no
Got no

Don't even bother tryna figure it out

She’s already decided what you are not about


Got no


Got no

wot not

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menko notes

One of the best attributes of music is how it can stir one’s emotions.

There will always be songs that make us happy, tearful, hopeful, despondent, reminiscent, and even those that provide a great escape.

-Hopefully, one of these tunes will take you away from wherever you are at the moment.

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