1. In the Room

From the recording menko

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‘nuther day to play the game of worker bee
and carry on until the clock is done with me
but I don’t mind the grind at all                            ‘cuz you’re workin’ down the hall
and if I’m lucky, you’ll come by and break-up the monotony   

Then you walk in the room  
and brighten up my ordinary day  
When you come into view,    
you nonchalantly take all my breath away

Gotta keep my mind on what I’m here to do
I’d rather spend the moment getting close to you

It’s not so easy playin’ coo
lbut harder still, to be a fool
by tryna chat-it-up when you’re just passing through                          

When you walk in the room,    
you draw my heart into the danger zone   When you come into view,    
your smiling face won’t leave my eyes alone

Pushing hard to get
beyond the empty talk          
‘bout the job at hand
and the slowness of the clock    
        (getting nowhere, fast as I can)
Then you flaunt the rock,
proving you’ve got a man 
and to show me
I can be no more than a fan      
(getting nowhere)

Maybe in a prior time      
-or different place
I could have been the one to bask
in your enchanting grace
but as it is, I’ve got no chance
-I’m too late for this dance     

Still, when you walk in the room,    
you turn my ordinary day around    
When you come into view,    
there’s no persuading my mind
to settle down  

 When you walk in the room,  
 you radiate a charm I’ve never known    When you come into view,    
the smile you make    
won’t leave my heart alone