Hey, wait just a moment there, Bubba.....


Who will write this bio?

menko’s mom?

His best friend?

Some endearing fan from the other side of the globe?

menko himself???



Who will hear these songs?

Will someone actually click on this page to learn about another struggling songster? 

Is there even a slim chance of menko stepping beyond that beloved circle of friends and reaching an unknown listener?   


He’s gotta give it a shot.


wot not

Wot is menko music?

Guess you'll have to click on the "music" page and let your ears take a listen. Try it with a good set of headphones!


menko notes

One of the best attributes of music is how it can stir one’s emotions.

There will always be songs that make us happy, tearful, hopeful, despondent, reminiscent, and even those that provide a great escape.

-Hopefully, one of these tunes will take you away from wherever you are at the moment.

stay tuned

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