by menko

Released 01/2018
Released 01/2018
A taste of Pop with a twist of sweet jazzy bits.
  • 04:18 Lyrics So Ready

    Won't be long before we get together
    I only have to wait until its time
    you promised me that when hell is freezin’ over
    I'll be yours and you will only be mine

    when that day comes,
    I’ll be so ready.
    All I need is a coat.

    when that day comes,
    I’ll be so ready.
    Savin' up all my time to devote to you.

    I'm driven by your shivering disposition
    and guided by your cold and icy glare
    and with my uncanny intuition,
    I can tell that soon your gonna care

    When that day comes,
    I’ll be so ready.
    All I need is a coat.

    When that day comes,
    I’ll be so ready.
    Savin' up all I’ve got to devote.

    And with our bodies locked in conversation
    -and our thoughts lost in the overtones
    our hearts will finally reach their desired destination
    and you and I will share a passion we have never known

    When that day comes,
    I’ll be so ready.
    All I need is a coat.

    When that day comes,
    I’ll be so ready.
    No more nights alone with the remote

    When that day comes,
    I’ll be so ready.
    Hangin' on till the chill is severe

    When that day comes,
    I‘ll be so ready.
    I'm holdin’ out for the day I'm endearing to you

  • 03:44 Story Lyrics Daylight w/Diana Sterling

    Wasn't right for him to take me
    from the innocence I knew
    Stripped me of my youth and all that I might be
    to feed his need and lack of virtue

        Wake me from this dark memory,
        Daylight, don't make me wait
        I've been so long without the refuge of daylight

    Drag me from this tainted gutter  
    to a warm and safer place
    Draw me from a life where everyone I meet
    has his hands and face

        Deliver me from this dark night,     
        Daylight, don't make me wait
        I've been too long without the care of daylight
                And If I knew all I know now
                I would have disobeyed
                But he was more to me like family
            -never dreamed that I could have run run run run run away
        ...daylight, don't make me wait
        can’t be too long for me to be free
        daylight, don't make me wait

    Still the keeper of the secret
    and living in the shadow of its cold and shameful history

        Deliver me
        don't make me wait
        -can't be too long to feel the ease of daylight

        Deliver me    
        Gonna get through these nights
        Daylight, don't keep me waiting
        Deliver me
        so long without    
            -I'm ready for the day to break

                -and if I knew all I know....

  • 03:42 Story Lyrics No Attitude

    Came out of nowhere and she touched your heart
    and now, nothin's the same
    tell me you felt the magic right from the start
    and she is to blame

    It doesn't matter, though
    she's one you'll never know
    the way you're hoping to

    you couldn't be the one
    to make her come undone
    'cuz you have no clue         
    'bout what to do                                          

    Got no Attitude, Dude
    Got no Attitude, Dude

    You’re just another boy who’s standing in line
    with no qualifications
    you’re not the kind who might be changing her mind
    -so forget your expectations.

    must be a better way
    of wastin’ every day
    than dreaming of one
    who wouldn’t want you

    you think you've got a shot at
    somebody crazy hot
    the way you are, though
    will never do

    Got no Attitude, Dude
    Got no Attitude, Dude


    So even though you may have caught her glance
    it don’t mean your invited       
    Without a game, you never will stand a chance         
    -so don’t you get too excited.

    Until she settles down
    don't need your kind around
    she’d rather have a bad boy

    Got no Attitude, Dude
    Got no Attitude, Dude
    Got no Attitude, Dude
    Got no Attitude, Dude

    Got no
    Got no

    Don't even bother tryna figure it out

    She’s already decided what you are not about


    Got no


    Got no

  • 03:31 Lyrics In the Room

    nuther day to play the game of worker bee
    and carry on until the clock is done with me
    but I don’t mind the grind at all                            
    ‘cuz you’re workin’ down the hall
    and if I’m lucky, you’ll come by
    and break-up the monotony

        Then you walk in the room
        and brighten up my ordinary day
        When you come into view,
        you nonchalantly take all my breath away

    Gotta keep my mind on what I’m here to do
    I’d rather spend the moment getting close to you
    It’s not so easy playin’ cool
    but harder still, to be a fool
    by tryna chat-it-up when you’re just passing through                  

        When you walk in the room,
        you draw my heart into the danger zone
        When you come into view,
        your smiling face
        won’t leave my eyes alone


    Pushing hard to get
    beyond the empty talk            
    ‘bout the job at hand
    and the slowness of the clock    

            (getting nowhere, fast as I can)

    Then you flaunt the rock,
    proving you’ve got a man   
    and to show me
    I can be no more than a fan
           (getting nowhere)

    Maybe in a prior time
          -or different place
    I could have been the one to bask
    in your enchanting grace
    but as it is, I’ve got no chance
    -I’m too late for this dance

        Still, when you walk in the room,
        your turn my ordinary day around
        When you come into view,
        there’s no persuading my mind to settle down

        When you walk in the room,
        you radiate a charm I’ve never known
        When you come into view,
        the smile you make
        won’t leave my heart alone

  • 03:18 Lory Story
Recorded at Victory Recorders, Glendale, California. Produced by menko and Keith Sterling. Album art by Sam O'neal. Photos by SAC

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